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What Fair Trade Coffee is and Why it’s Important

If you’re an avid coffee drinker you’ve likely heard the term “fair trade” popping up a lot in recent years. It may be popular now, but Café Britt has emphasized fair treatment of workers long before it was an international movement.

Fair trade is far more than a label; it is an ideology that seeks to make business practices just and profitable for all involved. The most basic step of the Fair Trade movement is to ensure that fair prices are paid to the local workers growing, harvesting and roasting the coffee beans.

The Fair Trade model helps build sustainable businesses and develop relationships between coffee buyers and coffee growers, a model that Café Britt has always embodied. We strive to honor the cultures that produce our coffee beans and incorporate these cultures and farmers into our brand in as many ways as possible.

At Cafe Britt we focus on partnership instead of hierarchy. We recognize that everyone who contributes to our coffee—from growers, to roasters, to office managers—is vital to our company’s culture and success.

This focus has led us to develop personal relationships with the farms we buy beans from, and work with these farms and international Fair Trade organizations to make sure we are compensating our employees well.

By buying Fair Trade coffee you make the decision to better the lives of people around the world and help improve quality of life for the farmers whose hard work and priceless knowledge allow you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. You can feel good about what you’re drinking knowing that your money is helping to maintain this relationship.

Besides just being the right thing to do, our ethical stance leads us to build personal relationships with these farms, and in turn, these farmers provide us with the highest quality beans on the market.

Our commitment to Fair Trade is not a fad or a marketing technique, it results from a deeply held conviction that doing business ethically is better for everyone involved. By adhering to strict Fair Trade guidelines we improve the lives of our workers at every level and provide a better coffee drinking experience for our customers.