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Experience the culmination of a year's dedication with our 'Peak Harvest' collection. Our exclusive sale lets you enjoy the best of Costa Rican coffee and chocolate at incredible prices. Whether it's the bold richness of our coffee or the smooth decadence of our chocolates, each product is a testament to quality and tradition

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Exclusive Early Access: Mérito Pinzón Cafetalero Coffee

We're thrilled to offer our valued customers first access to our new Mérito Pinzón Cafetalero blend. This rich, dark roast celebrates the lush biodiversity of Costa Rica and the unique Pinzón Cafetalero bird that inspires our dedication to quality and sustainability.

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“Got as a gift and loved the smoothness and lovely flavor, best coffee I've had!”

July 4, 2022 by Kathy

(united states)

“My daughter brought this back from her trip to Costa Rica. I had never heard of Britt before that. I was so glad I could easily re-order it in the States. It is one of the finest coffees I've ever had. All Britt selections are top of their class. I have not found better coffee anywhere.”

June 8, 2020 by Michael E.

(DE, United States)

“I tried these in Costa Rica and couldn't find them (or of similar quality) in the U.S... so I ordered them!”

February 9, 2020 by Kristopher B.

(VA, United States)

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Dive into the Café Britt Chronicles: A Journey Through Coffee, Chocolate, and Culture

Our blog explores the rich worlds of coffee and chocolate, combined with the vibrant essence of Costa Rican culture. Discover creative recipes, intriguing coffee origins, and cultural tales that extend far beyond the cup.