“Got as a gift and loved the smoothness and lovely flavor, best coffee I've had!”

July 4, 2022 by Kathy

(united states)

“My daughter brought this back from her trip to Costa Rica. I had never heard of Britt before that. I was so glad I could easily re-order it in the States. It is one of the finest coffees I've ever had. All Britt selections are top of their class. I have not found better coffee anywhere.”

June 8, 2020 by Michael E.

(DE, United States)

“I tried these in Costa Rica and couldn't find them (or of similar quality) in the U.S... so I ordered them!”

February 9, 2020 by Kristopher B.

(VA, United States)

Discover the diverse flavors of genuine Costa Rican coffee from Café Britt! We feature all classic favorites and have expanded our collection with new blends. Whether you want to stick to the flavors you’re used to or want to explore different tastes, we can assure consistent quality across all our products.

Café Britt Collection of Signature Blends
With over 35 years of experience, we are confident in our perfected coffee blends. Rest assured that we use the beans from Costa Rica when roasting our signature blends, including:

Dark Roast: Enjoy hints of chocolate, dried fruits, and figs in your morning cup with this expertly roasted classic blend.
Light Roast: Taste a combination of sweetness and nuttiness from apricot, caramel, and malt flavors from our signature light roast.
Espresso: Relish in the rich flavors of apple, dark chocolate, and wildflowers with a cup of our favorite espresso house blend.
New Café Britt Favorites
We love creating new blends and discovering new ways to enjoy Costa Rican coffee. Among our new flavors are:

Breakfast Blend: Sweeten your morning meal with a mug of our new Breakfast Blend, featuring chocolate and citrus flavors in every serving.
Afternoon Blend: Enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee alone or with company with this blend, which we specially designed to release a chocolate aroma with hints of peach and vanilla.
Fusión: Taste the best of all our signature blends in a single cup with our Fusión coffee, which combines Dark Roast’s chocolate richness and Light Roast’s citrus flavors.
The Café Britt Promise
Rest assured that we produce all classic and new blends with care, guaranteeing a rich coffee flavor in every cup. Our seasoned coffee roasters have over three decades of experience under their belts, mastering the techniques in making the perfect coffee blend. In addition, as a staple in the industry, we have access to high-quality Costa Rican coffee beans. Shop today!