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Ecuador: Coffee from the Center of the World

Ecuador has an unusual history of coffee production. Unlike most coffee-growing countries in Latin America, it has not seen its production volumes gradually increase as the years go by. Rather, it reached peak production in the 1970s, when coffee was one of the main export crops. Economic hardships in the 1980s, however, caused many small producers to abandon production due to low prices and high costs.

As most coffee production in Ecuador is done by small farmers, this shift hit the industry hard. Those producers that did remain, however, do so with a great deal of knowledge and dedication.

Coffee Production in Ecuador

Producers in Ecuador have the benefit of being located in a country with the ideal conditions for growing coffee. Volcanic soils, consistent temperatures, ample rainfall, and high altitudes are all key for growing high-quality green coffee beans, and Ecuador has them in abundance.

One of the hallmarks of the country’s coffee production is the great variety of terrains where coffee is grown. Because of its location on the Equator, high-altitude regions have milder weather than in other parts of the world where they would not be suitable for coffee production. The country also has non-mainland territory with unique climatic conditions.

Regional Ecuadorian Coffees

Café Britt offers Ecuadorian coffees from two very different regions.

Our Galápagos coffee may be the most unique coffee we offer. Why? It’s grown at only 300-400 meters. Compare that to most high-altitude coffees grown above 1200 meters, and it is quite a difference! Coffee is able to grow here due to extraordinary weather patterns and rich volcanic soil nurtured by abundant spring water.

Just the opposite is our Latitud 0° coffee! Grown in Cariamanga in the Loja province, it’s one of our highest altitude options at 1900 meters. With a unique microclimate, this region grows some 20% of Ecuador’s Arabica coffee. Consistent rain and moderate temperature make it ideal for growing gourmet coffee.

Specialty coffee, direct to you from the center of the world!

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