We're committed to fostering a harmonious future with the environment. That's why we're constantly innovating, refining every aspect of our production chain to minimize our environmental impact. By doing so, we play our part in preserving biodiversity and safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Environmental Best Practices

Ecosystem Regeneration

We incorporate regenerative solutions into our operations to address the challenges faced by the coffee sector and contribute to the conservation of tropical forests.

Fair Trade Practices: 

Café Britt nurtures strong bonds with coffee farmers through Fair Trade practices, ensuring quality beans while advancing community progress and resource conservation.

Biodiversity Restoration:

Since 2018, we've planted 5000 native trees to restore ecosystems, enriching Costa Rica's natural heritage and promoting biodiversity conservation.

Innovation and Responsible Purchasing

We prioritize innovation and responsible purchasing, constantly seeking sustainable design and procurement practices that uphold our commitment to quality.


Responsibility in the Value Chain

We prioritize raw materials from responsible sources and advocate for the consumption of organic coffee in the region.

Clean Ingredients

Café Britt's Coffee and Chocolate products are made with 95% natural ingredients, aiming for 100% by 2025.

Products with Purpose

Hábitat Coffee Line

Since its inception in 2018, the Hábitat line has partnered with various NGOs dedicated to biodiversity conservation. By July 2023, it had contributed approximately $40,000 towards research equipment and educational support. This initiative aims to serve as a biodiversity conservation fund, extending its impact to other Latin American nations.


Through our collaboration with Toucan Rescue Ranch, we've aimed at sage-guarding the once-captive sloth community by providing vital tools such as collars and transmitters for sloths reintegrating into the wild. These tools assist in monitoring their post-release health and well-being. 


Partnering with the Jaguar Rescue Center, renowned for its wildlife rehabilitation efforts in Limón, Café Britt is actively contributing to conservation. Our initiatives support the creation of crucial wildlife crossings, the improvement of rehabilitation facilities, and the adaptation of transformers for the safety of our cherished wildlife.


In alignment with the Nama Conservatory's mission, we're donating 1,000 educational books to schools across Costa Rica. Additionally, we're providing artificial nests and wildlife cameras to aid in research on these magnificent birds.

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