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“Lo recibí como regalo y me encantó la suavidad y el delicioso sabor, ¡el mejor café que he probado!”

4 de julio de 2022 por Kathy

(Estados Unidos)

“Mi hija trajo esto de su viaje a Costa Rica. Nunca antes había oído hablar de Britt. Me alegré mucho de poder volver a pedirlo fácilmente en Estados Unidos. Es uno de los mejores cafés que he probado. Todas las selecciones de Britt son las mejores de su clase. No he encontrado mejor café en ningún lado”.

8 de junio de 2020 por Michael E.

(DE, Estados Unidos)

“Los probé en Costa Rica y no pude encontrarlos (ni de calidad similar) en los EE. UU. ¡así que los pedí!”

9 de febrero de 2020 por Kristopher B.

(VA, Estados Unidos)

Café Britt Chocolates

Welcome to the go-to online destination for quality gourmet chocolates and gift ideas — Café Britt! You may have tasted some chocolates that you think were the best. However, Café Britt’s chocolates with tropical flavors will be the best of the best chocolates you’ve ever tasted.

Whether it’s chocolate-covered coffee beans, fruits, or nuts, we have everything you need to delight your sweet cravings. Breathe in the aromas of fine chocolate, taste their luxurious textures, and savor the tropical flavors of our extensive collection. Thus, we urge you to shop and indulge yourself or enthrall friends with a box of gourmet chocolates.

Gourmet Chocolates With Tropical Flavors
For us, “gourmet” is a powerful word. It implies world-class quality, craftsmanship, and unforgettable taste. That’s why we emphasize it when we describe our products. We believe in natural ingredients, creative flair, and hard work that reflects our philosophy.

Our exquisite chocolates are originally produced in Costa Rica using the finest and cleanest ingredients. We source the best cocoa in the country and transform them into delectable artisanal creations, guaranteed to please even the most discerning palettes. They’re flavorful and melt goodness in your mouth. Our commitment to gourmet is evident in every bite of our chocolates.

Artisanal Chocolates for Every Occasion
Carefully handmade from the finest ingredients and with a meticulous eye to detail, a box of confections from Britt is the perfect gift for any occasion. Our extensive assortment contains numerous tropical flavors, a specialty chocolate collection, and premium products for gourmet lovers who want only the best sweet treats.

Britt creates delicious, one-of-a-kind confections that capture the way you live, bringing your passions to every bite. You can choose from our diverse selection of artisanal chocolates that offer intense flavor and distinct textures! Shop our collection today!