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“Lo recibí como regalo y me encantó la suavidad y el delicioso sabor, ¡el mejor café que he probado!”

4 de julio de 2022 por Kathy

(Estados Unidos)

“Mi hija trajo esto de su viaje a Costa Rica. Nunca antes había oído hablar de Britt. Me alegré mucho de poder volver a pedirlo fácilmente en Estados Unidos. Es uno de los mejores cafés que he probado. Todas las selecciones de Britt son las mejores de su clase. No he encontrado mejor café en ningún lado”.

8 de junio de 2020 por Michael E.

(DE, Estados Unidos)

“Los probé en Costa Rica y no pude encontrarlos (ni de calidad similar) en los EE. UU. ¡así que los pedí!”

9 de febrero de 2020 por Kristopher B.

(VA, Estados Unidos)

At Café Britt, we believe every cup of coffee can make a difference. We’re proud to introduce our Hábitat line of coffee, a range of unique Costa Rican blends that not only tantalize your taste buds but also help preserve the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica.

With Hábitat Coffee, we are committed to wildlife conservation through partnerships with organizations dedicated to researching, protecting, and rehabilitating native animals. It’s not just coffee — it’s a sip of sustainability, community development, and corporate responsibility.

Costa Rican Coffee With Purpose

Our Hábitat Coffee line embodies our commitment to exquisite coffee and environmental stewardship. By choosing Hábitat, you’re not just indulging in premium Costa Rican coffee but actively supporting wildlife conservation initiatives. Let’s explore the unique flavors and the incredible impact of our Hábitat blends.

Costa Rican Hábitat Sloth Coffee

With its unhurried demeanor and gentle nature, the sloth has become a symbol of Costa Rica’s lush rainforests. To honor these endearing creatures, our Sloth Coffee blend combines beans from Providencia and Tarrazú, two regions that pay tribute to the sloth’s extensive range throughout Latin America. Café Britt donates collars and transmitters to the Toucan Rescue Ranch to safely release rehabilitated sloths.

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Costa Rican Hábitat Cariblanco Coffee

Our Cariblanco Coffee is a testament to the incredible work of our partner, the Jaguar Rescue Center. This blend features beans from the Limón province where Jaguar Rescue Center rehabilitates and releases White-faced Capuchins or cariblanco. Join the cause and let’s protect these endangered monkeys.

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Costa Rican Hábitat Lapa Coffee

For those who prefer a bolder, darker roast, our Lapa Coffee is a treat for your senses. Roasted to perfection, it brings out the naturally sweet flavors of Costa Rican coffee while offering subtle notes of almonds for an unforgettable experience. Café Britt directly supports the wildlife preservation efforts of the Nama Conservatory, which is dedicated to safeguarding the native scarlet macaw, also known as the red lapa.

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Saving the Costa Rican Wildlife, One Coffee at a Time

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses every aspect of our business, from sourcing coffee beans to packaging our products. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through recycling programs and sustainable sourcing practices.

Moreover, our corporate volunteer program encourages our employees to give back to the community, fostering a sense of responsibility and shared purpose.

[Our Corporate Responsibility]

Get the Best Costa Rican Coffee While Contributing to the Community

By choosing Café Britt’s Hábitat Coffee, you’re not just purchasing the finest Costa Rican coffee; you’re participating in a movement to protect and preserve the incredible wildlife of Costa Rica. 

Savor the rich flavors of Costa Rica while knowing that you’re making a real difference. Support products with a purpose and help us and our partners sustain the colorful wildlife of Costa Rica.