Experience the Rich Flavors of Costa Rica This Summer

Rekindle your memories of Costa Rican warmth and indulge in the delicate, handcrafted chocolates that remind you of tropical breezes and lush landscapes. Our gourmet chocolates are made with the finest local ingredients and without preservatives to preserve their authentic flavor and charm.

Care Instructions for Your Gourmet Chocolates

Why Limited Availability?

As summer warms up, we take extra care to ensure our chocolates reach you in perfect condition. The artisanal nature of our chocolates means they are free from preservatives, which, while ensuring natural taste, makes them sensitive to higher temperatures. This is why we carefully select only certain varieties that can withstand the journey during the hotter months.

To guarantee that our chocolates maintain their pristine condition and exquisite flavors, we utilize premium insulated packaging designed to protect against the summer heat. Each order is packed in units of 3 or 6, optimizing the protective environment necessary to maintain the integrity of our chocolates.

Melt Warning and Care Instructions

Attention Chocolate Lovers! Our chocolates are designed to melt in your mouth, not in the mail. Please ensure you retrieve your packages promptly upon delivery. If your chocolates feel soft on arrival, place them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before enjoying. Remember, keep your chocolates away from direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dry place.

For any inquiries, or to share your experience, please contact us at info@cafebritt.com