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The Flavor Of Costa Rica

If you are lucky enough to have visited Costa Rica, Café Britt will be a familiar name. As Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee for over 30 years, we’re found throughout the country at hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, coffee shops, and more. Chances are that you enjoyed Café Britt as delicious in-room coffee, a Costa Rican “café chorreado” at a traditional restaurant, or an after-dinner cappuccino.

As for those of you that are still looking forward to a trip to our beautiful country, we invite you to do some armchair travel with our classic Costa Rican single origins and blends. Experience stunning volcanoes, breathtaking mountain views, and cultural icons as you take a virtual tour of Costa Rica. Explore the country’s unique coffee culture and production methods with our limited-edition coffees, and learn about Costa Rican native wildlife and the importance of our world-famous biodiversity.

With each sip, you’ll discover why Café Britt is the flavor of Costa Rica.

For the Love Of Coffee

To tell the story of coffee, Café Britt sources a variety of beans that match the variety of tastes in the world.

In Tarrazú, Costa Rica, Nariño, Colombia and Sacred Valley, Perú, we find growing regions that express the raw character of their respective terrain. We then pass along the highest quality beans to artisans and master roasters, who transform each bean, expressing the tradition of flavor within. Now these beans may become part of our exclusive Roasts.

Steeped in 30 years of Latin America’s rich coffee history, Café Britt leads the way in craftsmanship, sustainability and quality.

Gourmet Chocolates with Tropical Flair

Applying the same principles that place Café Britt at the vanguard of coffee flavor, our line of chocolate and sweets delivers unrivaled pleasure.

Combining a rich offering of tropical fruits and chocolate means we get to focus on what really matters: flavor.

You will not find any unnecessary ingredients in these gourmet delights, just natural perfection.

Premium Nuts, both Sweet and Savory

When you want a healthy and delicious snack, few things compare to the satisfying crunch of premium nuts.

We give hand-selected almonds, macadamias and cashews to our roasters to capture the nut’s flavor and nutrition at the height of perfection.

For added delight, our nuts come plain-roasted, or mixed with natural ingredients to compliment sweet, salty and buttery tastes.


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