Single Origin Gourmet Coffee
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The importance of origin

Every coffee bean has a story and at Café Britt we try to make the history and origin of our beans evident in every sip. One of the ways we do this is by offering Single Origin beans.

Single Origin coffee is made from beans sourced from a single region and Is considered by some to be superior to coffee produced from a blend of geographical locations.

By focusing on one specific area, these beans allow coffee drinkers to hone in on the particular flavors and aromas that different places offer.

The best Single Origin coffee embodies the flavors and aromas of the region where it was grown. Café Britt’s personal relationships with growers and natural growing processes allow us to provide Single Origin coffees that offer our customers the opportunity to authentically experience the tastes of a region.

Our Tarrazu blend features beans from coffee plants grown in Costa Rica’s highest mountain range, the Talamancas. The microhabitats provided by the valleys in these mountains produce some of the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world.

The Poas Tierra Volcanica hails from one of the first known coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, the Central Valley. The harsh climates of this valley result in extremely hardened beans with rich earthy flavors.

Britt's Tres Rios blend is grown in the high atmosphere of the Tres Rios region. Soils from the Irazu Volcano enrich the earth and produce sophisticated blends of nutty flavors with a hint of citrus.

Many coffee companies offer Single Origin product, but our longstanding relationships with growers give us the advantage of selecting the best beans perfectly roasting them to bring out the flavors of the country that produced them.

Caft Britt's subscription program gives you the opportunity to automatically refill your coffee supply and experiment with new flavors and regions. Our online model gives the luxury of getting your coffee of choice delivered directly to your door. With our Single Origin subscription program you can taste all the best coffee flavors of Costa Rica from the comfort of your own home.

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