Café Britt’s Gourmet Decaffeinated Coffees
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Costa Rican Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee
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Costa Rican Decaffeinated 2lb Whole Bean
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Whole Bean(32oz/2lb)

The Beauty of Decaf Coffee

For many people, the idea of decaffeinated coffee being both delicious and refreshing sounds impossible, but at Britt it’s a simple reality. Our decaffeinated blends are grown locally and expertly roasted, preserving the authentic flavors of their country of origin in a uniquely delicious way. Decaffeinated coffee is a great option for those who are pregnant or sensitive to caffeine. Many decaf coffees actually contain similar levels of caffeine to regular coffees because of ineffective separation processes. You can trust that Cafe Britt’s decaffeinated blends remove as much caffeine as possible, letting the natural flavors of the bean provide the coffee drinking experience.

We use a specialized water method to gently remove the caffeine from our beans, while retaining the powerful coffee flavors that make them so delectable. First, the green, unroasted beans are soaked in extremely hot water for a lengthy period of time, the water softly extracts much of the natural oils and flavors of the beans.

The beans are then moved to a separate tank and washed to dissolve the bond between the caffeine and the bean. Finally, the beans are submerged in the original water tank again allowing them to soak up the flavors and oils without any of the caffeine. This precise method leaves the beans 99% caffeine free without subtracting their intense flavors.

Following the decaffeinating process, the beans are carefully dark roasted to highlight their distinct flavors. Because our beans are higher quality to begin with, there is more flavor and substance to work with and the resulting blends are full of delicate and complex flavors, emphasized by the absence of the overpowering taste of caffeine.

Our Peruvian Decaf blends beans from the Chanchamayo region of the country. This area is well known for producing beans with a uniquely nutty flavor that is only more noticeable with the absence of caffeine. Our Costa Rican Decaffeinated option features lightly acidic, mild taste. Cafe Britt’s painstaking separation process produces blends of unparalleled aroma and flavor. If you’re looking for a low key, delicious blend, our decaffeinated coffees are your perfect match.