Café Britt’s Gourmet Dark Roast Coffees

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Costa Rican Dark Roast Whole Bean

Costa Rican Dark Roast

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Costa Rican Espresso

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Costa Rican Decaffeinated

Costa Rican dark roast 2lbs whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Dark Roast 2 Lb

Espresso whole bean 2lb

Costa Rican Espresso 2 Lb


Costa Rican Decaffeinated 2 Lb

Peruvian dark roast whole bean coffee

Peruvian Dark Roast

Peruvian decaffeinated ground coffee

Peruvian Decaffeinated

Tasting Chart

1,200 - 1,400 meters


Clove, Honey

Central Valley, Western Valley

1,200 - 1,400 meters


Apple, Dark Chocolate, Wildflowers

Central Valley, Western Valley

Dark Roast: Intense and full-bodied

While high-quality beans are essential to a great coffee, so is the hand of an expert coffee roaster. At Café Britt, our green coffee beans are roasted in-house by a team with more than 25 years of experience.

When it comes to dark roast coffee, this experience can mean the difference between a fantastic cup of coffee and a one with a burnt, bitter flavor. This is because dark roasted beans are those that have been exposed to heat for the most time.

Why Dark Roast?

Many coffee lovers prefer the strong punch that dark roasted beans offer. Full-bodied with dense and complex flavors, Britt's dark roast blends are powerfully flavorful with a heady chocolate aroma. Besides their signature flavor, dark roasted beans have more oil on the surface, and this oil can often be appreciated in the final cup of coffee.

Given the intensity of their flavor, dark roasts are also a great option for iced coffee and recipes that call for drip coffee.

Types of Coffee in our Dark Roasts

We are proud to offer dark roasted blends from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: Our Costa Rican Dark Roast features beans from the best coffee growing regions the country has to offer. Sweet flavors from the Central Valley complement the mild acidity offered by the Western Valley. This even balance produces the delicious smell of chocolate and perfectly embodies the flavors of Costa Rica.

Espresso: Espresso roasts are dark roasts, and ours is, in fact, the darkest roast we offer. This intense flavor of the dark roast is why the coffee shines through in milk-based espresso drinks like those you find at your favorite coffee shop, such as latte and cappuccino.

Delicious Decaf Coffee

Café Britt produces some of the best decaffeinated coffee around, using an indirect water process. As one of our darkest roasts, our take on decaf is more flavorful than most. We suspect you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Despite its “stronger” flavor, regular dark roast coffee may actually contain less caffeine than light roast, because the longer roasting process destroys more of the caffeine.

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