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Gourmet Chocolates with tropical flair.

When we chose to expand from coffee into other gourmet products, chocolate was an obvious choice. Delicious treats with tropical flavor were a natural way to highlight our culture and delight our customers.

So what makes Britt’s chocolate so delicious? The answer lies in the emphasis we place on the word “gourmet.” Gourmet isn’t just a word to us; it’s the foundation we built our reputation upon. We believe that gourmet products are high quality, created from natural ingredients, and made with care.

Premium Chocolate from Quality Ingredients

Britt distinguishes itself from other chocolatiers by creating unique combinations of the finest ingredients. We use real fruits, nuts, and gourmet coffee to produce a wide variety of flavors and textures that appeal to all taste preferences. We know that if we want to make delicious and authentic chocolates, cutting corners is not an option.

Unlike most modern factories, much of our chocolate-making process is still done by hand: creating fruit fillings, pouring molds, and packaging chocolates and cookies. In fact, our most popular product, the fruit-filled chocolate balls, are almost entirely created by hand, using real fruit pulp. This attention to care comes through in the flavor, as we are better able to monitor quality in the sensitive chocolate-making process.

Better for You, Better for our Community

We also work to make our chocolates as nutritious as possible. In addition to using real fruit, we hand-select the nuts we use and carefully roast them to create the perfect crunch and texture. This natural process preserves rich nutrients such as protein and healthy fats.

Furthermore, the origin of our ingredients matters to us. At Britt, we pride ourselves on our personal relationships with suppliers and employees.

Our chocolate is unique because of the care we devote to each product and the attention we pay to flavors and textures. We view our candies the same way we view our customers, as individuals, and the result is a variety of unique treats that will forever change your relationship with chocolate.

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