Journey to Origin: Happy Holidays from Cafe Britt

Journey to Origin: Happy Holidays from Cafe Britt

January 2018

Happy Holidays from Cafe Britt

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend time with those we care the most about: family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others. Here at Café Britt, that sense of fellowship extends to those that work hard year-round on the coffee that we sell and enjoy daily. Plantation owners, coffee pickers, roasters, and tasters are all essential to the coffee production process, and we appreciate the contribution that each makes in order to provide us with some of the world’s best gourmet coffee. We also love the chance to bond with others in our office, like the excellent customer service staff that makes sure you get just what you want, when you want it.

Group of Costa Ricans eating outdoors at a table

And we can’t forget you, our wonderful customers! Thank you for choosing us and for helping make 2017 a prosperous year for all of those involved in getting coffee from the plant to your door.

May 2018 bring you happiness, peace, and 365 days of great coffee!

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