Holiday Blend 2019

Holiday Blend 2019

November 2019

Holiday Blend 2019

The holidays are almost here, and we’re looking forward to a new edition of our beloved Holiday Blend. Year after year, customers and Café Britt staff alike eagerly await the release of this exclusive blend.

For 2019, Holiday Blend was crafted with beans from three regions: Palmichal de Acosta, the Central Valley, and the Western Valley. Costa Rica has eight coffee-growing regions, and each produces beans with unique characteristics and flavors. By selecting, roasting, and mixing coffee from different regions, our Master Cupper has expertly developed the perfect cup for holiday enjoyment.


Holiday Blend 2019 was designed to go well with the kinds of foods that we eat around the holidays: rich meals, desserts, and more. A steaming cup is the ideal companion to our minty seasonal treats like peppermint bark and mint chocolate cookies. It also pairs wonderfully with chocolate, such as our tropical fruit-filled bonbons.

Holiday Blend: our annual gift to you!

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