Coffee 101

Coffee 101

As coffee lovers ourselves, we know that it sometimes feels like we’ll never know everything we want to know about our favorite drink. Coffee is a world of its own, and even we are sometimes stumped. Unlike most of our visitors, though, we have direct access to some of the greatest minds in the coffee business, all of whom are kind enough to help us out with our doubts.

The Coffee 101 section of our blog is our gift to coffee geeks like ourselves, who want to know more about this miraculous beverage we call coffee, but may not know whom to ask.

Finding Your Best Coffee:

We get lots of the questions that revolve around how to make the best coffee. Should I use a coffee maker, espresso machine, or French press? How do I choose the roast that’s right for me? What is the difference between Costa Rican coffees? Coffee is incredibly personal! Since we know that each person’s favorite will be different, in the blog we provide the information that you need in order to be able to experiment and find the coffee, roast, and brewing method that you love best.

How to Brew Coffee and Make Drinks like Espresso:

With our Brewing Series, you’ll see step-by-step how to brew coffee with methods like the v60, French press, chorreador, and more. Although we won’t all buy a high-end espresso machine or invest in a new pour-over coffee method, there’s still lots of benefit in learning how these drinks are made. Even if you don’t have the tools yourself, you’ll be armed with knowledge that will help you tell the difference between a true barista and a person who simply makes coffee.

You’ll also get tips on like how to make the best iced coffee, which roast works best with each method, and the flavor differences between brewing methods.

The Story Behind Your Coffee:

We’ll also delve into aspects of coffee production, from types of coffee and the differences between Arabica coffee and Robusta to how to roast a green coffee bean and the science behind decaf coffee. As experts, we always love to share our knowledge about the industry that gives us our livelihood. We believe that the more you know about coffee production, the better you will appreciate the effort involved in bringing you the high-quality coffee beans that Café Britt is known for.

We look forward to sharing our coffee expertise with you in Coffee 101!

Blends versus Single origin

Coffee Blends versus Single Origin

November 2019