Chocolate 101

Chocolate 101

We work with two of the world’s most passion-inducing products: coffee and chocolate. Both can be simple pleasures or the start of a lifelong obsession. Britt chocolate experts fall firmly in the latter category! Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, hot cocoa—we experiment with it all, choosing the fillings and complements that best offset the flavors of the gourmet cacao we use as a base.

In Chocolate 101, we share with you the art of chocolate-making and great ideas for delicious chocolate treats.

How to Find the World’s Finest Chocolate:

Chocolate as we know it is very different from the cacao bean from which it’s made. The multi-colored pods and white, fleshy beans inside look nothing like the smooth chocolate candy we all love. In the blog, you’ll also find background on the cacao tree and the history of our interaction with this miraculous plant.

Learn along with us about the chocolate you love!

5 Treat Ideas for Halloween

5 Treat Ideas for Halloween

October 2017

It’s coming up on one of our favorite parts of the year: Halloween! We get the chance to have Britt chocolates all year round, but we love the excuse to share our favorite treats ...

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Thank the Maya for that frothy mug of Britt cocoa

The Year of the Cocoa Bean

January 2012

Enjoying that frothy mug of Britt Cocoa? You have the Maya to thank for it. The powdered cacao beverage that they craved and invented as long ago as 460 AD had little resemblance ...

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Have your chocolate and your health

The chocolate you choose can affect your health

December 2011

The main ingredient in most mass-consumption chocolate bars isn’t cocoa, but sugar, together with saturated vegetable fat and powdered mild. This has...

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Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Hearth Attacks

Dark Chocolate: the tastiest way to fight hearth attacks

December 2011

A few squares of dark chocolate a day could reduce the risk of heart attack by almost 50 percent, according to Diane Becker, a researcher with Johns Hopkins University School of M...

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Café Britt ChocolateTour to celebrate Caribbean Costa Rica

Chocolate: A view from the train

April 2006

Plenty of tourists visit Costa Rica’s verdant Caribbean coast every year for the beaches, the national parks, the Jamaican influence on local culture and the unique “mom-and-pop” ...

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The Year of the Cocoa Bean at Britt means more chocolates

The Year of the Cacao Bean

December 2005

That’s right, cocoa. True, we’ve made a name for ourselves off the coffee bean. But you really love our chocolates, too. And we’re about to give you more of them.

In fact,...

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