Recycling Program

Recycling Program

August 2017

As part of Cafe Britt’s environmental commitment, we utilize a series of metrics which are monitored and controlled periodically. We also promote different initiatives among our employees to reduce their environmental footprint, including recycling programs at home, internal recycling campaigns, and Environmental Week.

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Café Britt’s locations are designed to provide employees the opportunity to handle their waste responsibly. With recycling stations set strategically in different areas, we are able to separate and evaluate materials directly at the source and then manage them in the collection center. In 2016, all wastebaskets were eliminated from our offices to maximize the use of recycling stations and increase the amount of materials recycled.

Currently, we recycle about 60% of the total waste we generate, recovering annually more than 176,369 pounds of recyclable materials. Additionally, instead of disposing of imperfect packaging, we provide it to low-income female entrepreneurs, who use it to create bags and other products for our stores.

Sustainable Model School

This pilot project seeks to transform a school in the Costa Rican province of Heredia into a sustainable educational center, with the help of the Heredia Public Utilities Company and the Ministry of Public Education.

Initiatives at the José Ramón Hernández Badilla School include promoting energy and water savings, developing an integrated solid waste management system, and strengthening the culture of peace with the environment among the children.

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