Costa Rican Medium Roast Habitat Blend Gourmet Coffee from Cafe Britt

Costa Rican Habitat Blend


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In Costa Rica, we’re lucky enough to live near some of the world’s most popular animals: sloths. Having seen them for ourselves, we take threats to their habitat seriously. More than just cute and cuddly, these animals are essential to the health of the forests they inhabit.

So for the first edition of our Hábitat line, Café Britt partnered with Toucan Rescue Ranch on their sloth conservation work. Founded in 2004 as a bird rescue center, the Ranch has since transformed into a wildlife rescue. Café Britt’s donation will provide collars and transmitters in order to track rescued sloths upon their release.

In honor of the sloth's wide distribution throughout Costa Rica, we chose coffee from Providencia, one of the country's highest-altitude coffees, and Tarrazú, recognized worldwide. Much like the sloths it supports, this blend starts with a short burst of energy and then expands slowly in complexity. Delicate and balanced, it presents fruit and honey notes, with a light aftertaste of dark chocolate.


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