Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee, Chocolates, Nuts and Cookies
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Costa Rican Dark Roast Whole Bean

Costa Rican Dark Roast

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Costa Rican Tarrazu whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Tarrazu Montecielo

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Costa Rican Fair Trade

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Costa Rican Organic

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Merito Organico Villa De Las Flores


Gourmet Coffee, Chocolates, Nuts and Sweets

Unbeatable from Origin

Cafe Britt

Founded in 1985, Grupo Britt has more than 30 years of innovating the regional market as a committed multi-local company with its quality policy.

As a brand, Café Britt is characterized by elaborating gourmet and exclusive products, the most significant are coffees and chocolates, created by experts with unique recipes, with inputs from prestigious areas as Tarrazú (Costa Rica), Nariño (Colombia) Sacred Valley (Peru) that represent the best quality in the market.

With its products and stores, Britt maintains a strong presence in the most prestigious hotel chains in Latin America, with impeccable service and unparalleled products.

For the Love of Coffee

At Café Britt we strive to provide an array of high quality coffee beans to accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences. We understand that everyone is different and aim to help each customer find the brew that suits them best.

The way we do this is simple: combine the highest quality beans with skilled local workers and expert roasters to create perfectly roasted beans and distinct blends.

Britt’s business model is unique because it focuses on providing the best experience for every party involved in our business: from consumers to employees and growers and the environment. We focus on quality over quantity.

What Makes Our Chocolate So Uniquely Delicious?

In Costa Rica, we have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to coffee and chocolate. Our goal at Britt is to offer our customers a taste of these finer things, and chocolate was a natural way to offer decadent treats that highlight our culture.

One taste of our delicious sweets will leave you desperate for more and questioning why you ever bothered with other chocolate brands.

So what makes Britt’s chocolate so delicious? The answer lies in the emphasis we place on the word gourmet.

The Snack You Never Knew You Needed

At Café Britt we understand that sometimes you just need to go a little nuts. It’s why we created our line of premium quality nuts that combine earthy flavors with gourmet sweets to create the snack lover’s paradise.

For centuries, nuts have been regarded as one of the earth’s best snacks and combined with all sorts of goodies to make them more appealing. We’ve taken this process to the next level, roasting our nuts to perfection and featuring only the finest ingredients.

Our nuts are selected by hand by skilled growers who search for the perfect size, shape and form to create a satisfying snack.

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