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Costa Rican Habitat Blend

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Costa Rican Dark Roast

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Costa Rican Coffee:
The real secret to Pura Vida

In Costa Rica, coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a way of life. Coffee farming is an important part of our culture and something we take great pride in. Coffee embodies the Costa Rican tradition of valuing excellence and hard work while striving to fully embrace the present moment. Of the two most common types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, Arabica beans are more temperamental and harder to roast. They are also considered the premier coffee source in the world, and the bean of choice for coffee lovers everywhere. Costa Rican coffee standards are so high, in fact, that it is actually illegal to roast anything other than Arabica beans in the country.

Arabica beans thrive in high altitudes and damp tropical climates—both of which Costa Rica has in abundance. Volcanic eruptions have enriched Costa Rica’s soil, providing the coffee plants nutrients and a climate that ensure their high quality taste. The wide availability of foliage, allows the beans to grow under the cover of shade. This in turn allows the beans to mature at a slower pace, giving them the time to soak up all the nutrients and flavors of the soil and develop far more complex tastes than the typical coffee bean. Café Britt takes full advantage of this diverse geography, resourcing beans from various regions throughout Costa Rica.

We take great pride in sourcing beans grown in the highly coveted Tarrazu region. Tarrazu is known worldwide for the exotically flavored Ararabica beans it produces. Its hidden valleys and high mountains create the ideal climate for growing coffee beans. Our relationship with the Tarrazu farmers spans decades, and our commitment to fairly compensating these farmers for their work ensures that we receive the best beans the region has to offer. Britt’s expert roasters then use a special method to draw the caramelized sugar produced in Tarrazu beans, to the top and give the coffee a distinguished acidic and chocolate flavor.

We also source beans from the Brunga region, well known for the scientific wonders of its greenery and the beautiful foliage is features, as well as the Central Valley.

Coffee grown in Costa Rica’s Central Valley must endure rough and unpredictable weather resulting in harder beans and delicious. National Geographic magazine went so far as to dub central Costa Rica as the premier location for brewing Arabica beans in the entire world. Our Poas Volcanic Earth blend highlights the strong, earthy flavors delivered by this region. Café Britt was one of the first coffee companies to recognize the value of organic coffees and led the movement in the coffee industry to make organic brewing the norm. We even assist some of our coffee plantations in their quest to become certified by the USDA.

Our commitment to fair trade and sustainable business practices is what makes Café Britt thrive. We adhere to strict working condition standards and compensate our workers fairly. This ethical practice has the added benefit of allowing us to develop personal relationships with our growers and receive the best coffee beans in return.

It all comes back to the coffee traditions we have been practicing for decades. We take growing coffee seriously because we know that it represents much more than a liquid beverage, coffee is the best way to enjoy life’s most precious moments—both big and small. Our cultural passion for this delightful beverage has helped Costa Rica to become one of the foremost coffee growing countries in the world.

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