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About our Costa Rican Coffee

Fun fact: it’s actually against the law to roast anything other than Arabica beans in Costa Rica. We might throw ‘Pura Vida’ around a lot, but we take coffee pretty seriously. And what’s wrong with having a high standard for a beverage that is so vital to everyday life?

Costa Rica and its mountainous regions are ideal for coffee plantations. Arabica beans thrive at high altitudes; this, combined with the rich volcanic soil, provides all the essentials for growing excellent coffee beans. We have delicious Light and Dark Costa Rican roasts that are exceptional, but our pride and joy is the Tarrazú blend.

We hope you’ll try all these great blends Costa Rica has to offer, and that you’ll come to appreciate Costa Rican coffee as much as we do. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it a rule that you only allow Costa Rican Arabica beans in your kitchen.

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