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Journey to origin

Let's go back to where each coffee story begins, when those coffee beans were still encased in coffee cherries. Who picked them? And where? All your questions will be answered, here.
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Coffee 101

Gain a greater appreciation for the fuel that keeps you going everyday. In Coffee 101, you'll learn about all the things that make coffee such a fascinating drink and more.
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Coffee Corners

To celebrate the culture we hold so dearly, we’re starting a blog series highlighting some of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee shops.
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Try using coffee in ways you never thought of or become your own barista and make delicious espresso drinks from home. Learn everything you need to know right here.
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Chocolate 101

If you're obsessed with really good chocolate, don't worry; you're among friends at Cafe Britt. Here you'll find everything you'd want to know and more about chocolate.
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Coffee process

Coffee drinking is one of the most widely spread traditions across many cultures in the world. Faced with so many choices, read here to learn about our gourmet coffee process and view our coffee tasting chart.
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Chocolate process

Much like coffee, there are many factors that contribute to making superior chocolate. The type of cocoa bean, the origin and environment where the beans grow and how the bean is processed all determine how the gourmet chocolate tastes.
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Escape to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is our favorite place on earth. We love the endless amount of adventures you can find in our country's tropical forests. Where else can you find gorgeous mountains and beaches, spectacular hiking trails, and the nicest people you will ever meet? Between eating, dancing, relaxing in nature, and everything else Costa Rica has to offer, there's never a moment to feel bored. And, of course, you'll discover the best coffee you've ever tasted within our borders. Costa Rica isn't just a place to live or visit, it's a home and a way of life.
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