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Britt Shop’s purchasing policy is based on transparency and constant product innovation. Products are chosen for their quality, reliability of delivery and value to our customers. We look for the optimum balance between price and quality. We don’t discriminate against our suppliers, regardless of their social condition, ethnicity, origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

We endeavor to be a reliable commercial partner who promotes direct, clear and transparent negotiations. We value long-term relationships with our suppliers above any individual transaction. Our buyers have a clear priority to form and develop suppliers who can remain with our company for the medium and long term. We can provide assistance to those artisans who wish to achieve the level of commerce necessary to meet our regulations.

Suppliers can introduce their products by contacting the following Britt Shop buyers.


Mariella Aguirre
Purchasing Director


Chantal de Rewal
Purchasing Manager

Costa Rica - Caribbean

Patricia Robinson
Purchasing Manager

› probinson@britt.com

Amparo Camargo
Purchasing Manager

› acamargo@britt.com

Christian Pellegrin
Purchasing Manager

› cpellegrin@britt.com

Guillermo Cruz
Purchasing Manager

› gcruz@britt.com
Britt Shop supports its artisan suppliers by providing access to training programs and sponsoring local artisan fairs.

Together with Costa Rica’s National Learning Institute (INA) our employees have traveled the country to visit and train more than 774 artisans in the last three years. We support the Heredia Artisans Cooperative and the Costa Rica Creative Association.

Britt Shop coordinates a joint program with the Ministry of Economy (MEIC) and the Costa Rican Technological Institute (ITCR) to mentor small businesses on product design, innovation, new product development and more, all with help from the institute’s Industrial Design students.

All suppliers of Britt Shop have access to the "Central American Supply Chain" program, an on-line alternative for easy reimbursement through the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE).

Our suppliers may use this Internet-based program to quickly and safely cash-out their invoices to Britt Shop. Suppliers' accounts will be credited with the invoiced amounts within 24 hours of request. This tool allows the small and medium-sized suppliers to manage their cash cycle in a more efficient way, according to their business objectives.

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