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Coffee from the Heart of the Andes

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Peru is one of the world’s primary producers of Arabica coffee. Yet perhaps what makes it most unique is not the coffee plants that it grows, but rather the more than 100,000 coffee growers that produce them. In Peru, coffee production is a small, family-run operation, relying on personal relationships and an abiding love of coffee.

Most coffee in Peru is produced by independent smallholders, living on just a few acres of coffee plantation. This economic environment has led them to band together in cooperatives, as well as to be involved in international certification schemes such as Fair Trade and certified organic.

It’s estimated that at least 25% of Peruvian coffee farmers are part of a cooperative, providing them with bargaining power and support from other farmers. These co-ops help regulate the market and ensure that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their work. Cafe Britt’s purchasing relationships contributes to the growth and success of these small farms.

Coffee Production in Peru

The Andes mountains of Peru provide all the necessary qualities for delicious coffee: high elevation, lush valleys, and rich soil. Peru is home to some of the most diverse vegetation in the world, and, as a result, it produces coffee beans with diverse flavors. Growers often plant shade trees over their coffee plants to protect the cherries and make sure they develop correctly. Café Britt’s independent co-op partners select the finest green coffee beans grown throughout the peaks and valleys of the region.

Once harvested, green coffee beans are sent to small-scale fermentation tanks as opposed to large pulping factories. This artisanal processing plays a huge role in preserving the environment and magnificent geography of Peru, as well as creating a sustainable growing model that guarantees the livelihoods of future generations of farmers.

Regional Peruvian Coffees

Cafe Britt has worked to develop relationships with farmers across the country, currently offering coffees that represent Peru’s diverse geography.

We offer an exclusive blend, Valle Sagrado, made from beans grown in the Sacred Valley of Peru, along the Andes Mountain range. These beans are tended to by farmers who have spent generations perfecting a unique harvesting and drying process that results in coffee with a light, fruity taste and earthy aroma.

Our Peruvian Dark Roast is blended from beans grown along the path that leads to the famous Machu Picchu. The unpredictable weather of this region weeds out weaker beans, and those that survive are hardened, hiding rich flavors inside. We dark roast these beans, allowing the natural oils to rise and emphasize the bold taste and rich honey flavor.

We also offer a single-origin coffee from one of the best coffee-producing regions in the north of the country, Cajamarca. Sourced from the Arabica varietal Typica, it has a light, fresh flavor that is distinct from the other Peruvians we offer. As a medium roast, it allows the flavors of the region and the varietal to truly shine.

As part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture, we are proud to carry an organic blend called Pachamama. Named after the word for Mother Earth in Quechua, it comes from cooperatives of certified organic coffee growers in the Convencion Valley of Quillabamba. The natural methods give this coffee an herbal, nutty flavor and the aroma of fresh wood.

Our gourmet coffees are specially selected and then roasted in Peru, so you don’t have to brave the Machu Picchu trail in order to get your hands on the best of Peruvian coffee.


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