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Chocolate Covered Fruits

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange

This luxurious blend of dark chocolate and orange is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Made from all-natural orange fruit pulp, these chocolate treats have all the flavor of real oranges plus the smooth texture of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Coverd Coco

Let your tastebuds transport you to tropical ecstasy! We've cracked open the finest tender coconut, finely shredded and sweetened it to taste, and bathed it in our creamiest dark chocolate. The flavor is pure Caribbean - caressing sun, clean ocean breeze, cool, leafy palms, paradise! You'll savor the sensations of the tropics in every bite.

Dark Chocolate Coverd Passion Fruit

Experience an exotic treat that celebrates the culture of Costa Rica. Our "guayabitas" or little guava bites rekindle a traditional Costa Rican favorite.

Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit

The tangy flavor and alluring aroma of passion fruit is contained in every bite of our smooth gourmet dark chocolate. Tart and flavorful, passion fruit is the perfect companion for dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pinapple

Pineapples are one of Costa Rica's most popular exports and a favorite fruit among locals. Our dark chocolate-covered pineapple pieces blend the tangy sweetness of pineapple with smooth dark chocolate for an authentic tropical treat.

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