How we changed coffee history

How we changed coffee history

June 2016

How we changed coffee history

1720 is the probable date of introduction of coffee to America, when the first seeds of the species Coffea Arabica, Typica variety arrived which were then planted in the Province Costa Rica in the late eighteenth century. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to establish this burgeoning industry.

In 1821, after independence municipal governments were the first to encourage this, they gave in concession: coffee plants and lands to plant them to those who were interest in the coffee business. After this the coffee industry began to grow.

How we changed coffee history

Although this country was growing some of the world’s best coffee beans, the law at the time required that all of the best coffee be exported, giving local “ticos” or Costa Ricans almost zero chance of trying the amazing coffee that their country was known for around the world.

That was when our founder, Steve Aronson, saw an opportunity to revolutionize the Costa Rican coffee industry by choosing to reserve and roast a portion of the country’s export-quality beans so that its locals and visitors could also enjoy. All he had to do was change the law and he did!

How we changed coffee history

And thus, his vision for a gourmet Costa Rican coffee company came to fruition. According to Don Steve, as we call him, we already had the recipe for success: access to high quality coffee beans from the best plantations, the finest roasting mills, expert roasters and an obsession with quality.

How we changed coffee history

After 1985, Costa Rica was exporting and drinking the best gourmet coffee. That’s how Cafe Britt became the pioner in Gourmet Coffee in Costa Rica.

How we changed coffee history
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