Home-style gourmet cookies are shipped fresh

You've been good. Have a Cookie!

August 2011

Home-style gourmet cookies are shipped fresh

In fact, have four! Britt’s home-style cookies are so fresh and delicious, you’ll want to try them all. We’ve chosen our flavors and ingredients carefully to make these crunchy biscuits big on comfort with a touch of the exotic. 

The macadamia bits are plump and fresh, the guayaba as flavorful as the tropical fruit that lines Costa Rica’s rural roadsides. Our Cafe Mocha flavor is like coffee and cookie all in one. And for pure comfort, there’s nothing like pure, dark-chocolate chip! 

Each 7-ounce package contains 10 all-natural cookies that are packed fresh, still warm from the oven. You’ll love their soft, subtle crunch and surprising flavors. Are they home baked? You’ll know, but no one else will!

-Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee

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