Journey to origin: Cosecha 2018

Cosecha 2018

June 2018

Cosecha 2018

For the last two weeks, leadership at Café Britt had the chance to come together to work on better ways to serve our customers. The program was called Cosecha, or Harvest, a nod to the importance of the plant at the root of our business. With the goal of analyzing and creating objectives to support the growth of the company, Cosecha brought together 63 of the principal collaborators from all parts of our company for an intensive ten days of fellowship and innovation.

Cosecha 2018

Britt itself has a number of business units, and this unique opportunity was a way to get everyone on the same page. Managers at our famous coffee tour, the innovation department, international sales, e-commerce, and more spent time disconnected from the hum of computers and beeps of text messages to get back to the basics: products that positively impact our customers and communities.

Cosecha 2018

A favorite activity was the Master Barista contest. Part talent show, part team building, and part master class, Britt leaders joined up in teams to compete in crafting espresso drinks. With laughs and learning, they practiced developing the flavors that delight customers around the world.

Cosecha 2018

On the last day, they participated in an eye-opening version of “Undercover Boss.“ From supervisors to directors, leaders spent the day doing the hands-on work of roasting and packaging that our coworkers do every day. With greater vision, cooperation, and understanding of the daily tasks of those they manage, these leaders head back to their posts to continue the innovation that has made Britt successful for three decades.

Cosecha 2018

See their time in the plant in the video below:

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