A look into Tres Rios

A look into Tres Rios

June 2016

A look into tres rios

Despite its small size, the Tres Rios coffee region has earned the nickname the “Bordeaux” of Costa Rica because of its reputation for growing some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

Coffee mill

Climate and soil:

The well-defined wet and dry seasons of Tres Ríos, produce the perfect soil and climate for growing coffee. Thick deposits of volcanic ash from the Irazú Volcano, provide rich organic matter that gets distribute to the roots of plants, helping them to retain moisture. Tres ríos was one of the cities choosen to plant the first coffee plants in Costa Rica, because experts recommended planting coffee at higher altitudes, protecting them from buffeting of winds with rows of trees.

Together, all these factors make this area ideal for coffee production.

Person with green coffee beans

Common characteristics of the beans:

The land produces a bean of characteristic physical hardness and closed fissures. This bean is called Strictly Hard Bean.These beans create coffee with a good body and lingering, pleasant aftertaste. The acidity is finely balanced in relation to these delicate, flavorful tones.

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A taste of our Tres Ríos:

Our master cupper, Doña Carmen, describes the Tres Rios as one of our more “elegant” blends. This medium roast smells of honey-nut and contains flavors of plum, allspice, and orange citrus. It’s well-balanced brightness make it the perfect relaxing drink for mid-morning or afternoon.

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