Coffee Corners

Coffee Corners

We’re obsessed with coffee, so we spend a lot of time drinking it both in and out of the office. Luckily for us, that means visiting cafés and restaurants throughout Costa Rica as we travel. The Coffee Corner section of the blog is our opportunity to share this experience with our readers.

Best Costa Rican Coffee Shops:

Costa Rican coffee is some of the greatest in the world, so when people visit our country, many make a beeline to the nearest coffee shop. Depending on where you go, you could have a fantastic cup of café chorreado, made with a traditional coffee filter, or an excellent prepared drink from a high-end espresso machine. You might also run into someone not as skilled as the art of preparing coffee—and that’s where this blog comes in. A great cup of coffee can make or break a meal, so we want to help you find the best option no matter where you are.

What to Do in Costa Rica for Coffee Lovers:

We know that most people aren’t visiting our country just for its coffee (although we think that’s worth its while, too)! So most of the places we’ve chosen are near tourist attractions, like beaches, volcanoes, and San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Our hope is to give you the kind of insider tips that only a local can. While tourist guidebooks can help you find a local restaurant, only someone in-the-know can point out a truly great under-the-radar spot that will turn your meal or afternoon break into a treasured experience. Being coffee connoisseurs and foodies ourselves, we look for the details in the café and restaurants that we visit: the fantastic barista, the perfect French press coffee, the lovely patio, or the creative sandwich. Plus, we have the inside scoop on which places serve Café Britt coffee, so your cup is guaranteed to be delicious.

Come explore the best Coffee Corners of Costa Rica with the experts at Café Britt.

Britt Café · Bakery

Britt Café · Bakery Coffee Shop

October 2018

We feature only the greatest cafés in our Coffee Corner series, but we’re particularly proud of this one. In 2017, Café Britt opened our first cafés, taking our experience with co...

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Coffee Corner: Gilded Iguana

Gilded Iguana Coffee Shop

August 2018

Playa Guiones is the classic Costa Rican beach: isolated and pristine. Just 20 minutes...

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Koki Beach

KOKi Beach Coffee Shop

June 2018

The best part of a visit to the beach is not always the time you spend on the sand. That’s generally the case in Puerto Viejo, Read more

Coffee Corners The Bakery

The Bakery Coffee Shop

September 2017

Standing outside of The Bakery, in Santa Teresa on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, you could be looking at a quaint little café in Portland or Seattle. Surrounded by lush green plants...

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Coffee Corners Tabacon Grand Spa

Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort Coffee Shop

August 2017

One of Costa Rica’s most indulgent tourist attractions is its multitude of hot springs. There’s nothing like a luxurious, lazy day spent in and out of the warm water, pausing only...

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Coffee Corner Grano de Oro

Grano de Oro Coffee Shop

March 2017

Hotel Grano de Oro is one of the most famous hotels in Costa Rica. Started by Eldon and Lori Cooke, a Canadian couple who saw a need for personalized lodging space within the bust...

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Coffee Corner: Chubascos

Chubascos Coffee Shop

May 2016

For this week’s coffee corner we’re featuring one of the most beloved restaurants in Costa Rica: Chubascos. Located a quick 20 minute drive from the Po...

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Coffee Corners: Alma de Amon

Alma de Amón Coffee Shop

April 2016

In the late 19th century, the expansion of the coffee growing business led to increased urban growth and wealth. This growth had an especially large impact on burgeoning neighborh...

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Alma de Cafe National Theater Coffee Shop

Alma de Café National Theater Coffee Shop

March 2016

Long afternoons spent over a cup of coffee in a sunny café are a staple of Costa Rican culture. Coffee shops are an important part of our daily life, p...

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