Your Cup of Coffee Changes Lives

Your Cup of Coffee Changes Lives

July 2016

Your Cup of Coffee Changes Lives

Fair trade coffee is coffee you can feel good about drinking. At Café Britt, we are proud to offer Fair Trade beans from the Altamira de Boilley plantation.

This plantation is owned and operated by ASOPROLA, a community of women that are using sustainable farming practices to show the world that with a little creativity and a great product (their coffee beans), it's possible to make a living while protecting the environment. The community relies primarily on the proceeds they earn from coffee harvesting, as well as from accommodating travelers in their rural lodge, situated close to the plantation.

Coffee basket

Travelers from all over can come, stay, and learn about the productive and organizational practices that support economic and environmental stability not only for the community, but also throughout the whole region. It is our pleasure to be able to not only invest in the lives of the women of ASOPROLA, but also to offer our customers an exceptional coffee.

The Brunca region of Costa Rica is known for producing a thick bean with excellent aroma, body, and acidity, characteristics which perfectly describe our Fair Trade blend. Our blend is dark roasted and has a pleasant aroma of fresh wood and flavor notes of wildflowers, apple, and laurel. This is a full-bodied coffee that has a heavier presence in the mouth and a long finish on the palate.

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This blend is 100% Fair Trade certified, meaning ASOPROLA meets international standards of working conditions, and, in turn, we compensate them with above-market prices. This not only supports the ASOPROLA community, but it also fosters earth-friendly agricultural practices and contributes to economic security and self-sufficiency. The packaging of our Fair Trade Blend pays homage to the ASOPROLA community of women that grow and harvest this exceptional coffee.

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Fair trade coffee


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