Introducing Fusión Blend

Introducing Fusión Blend

September 2018

Coffee 101: Introducing Fusión Blend

At Café Britt, we are always looking for ways to innovate in order to give our customers something new and exciting. So we are proud to introduce our exclusive Fusión blend, a unique offering crafted by our Master Cupper especially for those who love our famous Dark Roast

By combining both dark roast and light roast beans, Doña Carmen has created a blend with a flavor unlike any you will have tried. Each cup presents the chocolaty richness of a dark roast, but with the distinctive citrusy aroma of a light roast. Subtle raspberry hints, as well as the aroma of almond and pear, hit your nose and palate in different moments. The product of a series of extensive cupping sessions, each cup offers the depth of flavor of our dark roast, but a subtle, unmistakable freshness.

Bags of Café Britt coffee, Dark Roast, Fusión Blend, and Light Roast

The additional touch of light roast adds a level of complexity that we know you will love. Enjoy Fusión: dark roast with a twist!

Café Britt Fusión Blend coffee and woman with coffee cup
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