How to Store Coffee
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How to Store Coffee

December 2007

How to store coffee

We've all heard rumors about the best way to store coffee. Should I freeze it, keep it in the fridge, or none of the above? Here are some tips from the experts.

How Café Britt Coffee Is Packaged

Our coffee is packed hot, right out of the roaster in special, resealable bags with one-way valves. The valve lets coffee’s natural gasses escape as it cools, but it keeps oxygen out.

Oxygen, moisture, and light are the agents that most quickly make roasted coffee age.

A factory-sealed bag will keep coffee fresh for almost a year. After the bag is opened, unless it is tightly resealed using the bag's metal tie, oxygen and moisture get in, and the aging process begins.

Bag of Cafe Britt Poas coffee

How to Store Coffee

Of course, you have to open the bag some time in order to drink your Café Britt coffee! Once you have, store the bag in a cool, shaded, airtight place, like a canister.

After a bag has been opened, it’s best to brew and drink the coffee as soon as possible.

Never put an open, unsealed bag of coffee in the freezer or the refrigerator. The cold changes the coffee’s molecular structure and causes an even faster aging process. The coffee also will absorb any odors it encounters.

Grinding exposes more of the coffee bean to oxygen, light and moisture. This means that an open bag of ground coffee will go stale more quickly than an open bag of whole-bean coffee.

Poor storage and preparation will ruin even the finest gourmet coffee. With these tips, you'll always be able to enjoy fresh coffee.

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