2011-2012 was a great year for coffee!

It’s been a good year for coffee!

October 2011

2011-2012 was a great year for coffee!

Rainfall in the right amounts and at the right time has contributed to a Costa Rican coffee harvest that was more than 13 percent larger in 2011-2012 than the previous year’s crop, Britt experts say.  

A strong flowering season and only limited damage from later-season downpours resulted in reduced crop damage from rainfall and disease.   World prices have come down in recent months, but remain more than $2 per 46-kg sack higher than the previous season. This means growers have strong incentive to invest in fertilizers and disease control in their plantations – very good news for coffee lovers!   Good pruning practices and crop care in previous years have also contributed to a bumper crop, Britt experts say.  

Nearly 87 percent of the country’s 2011-2012 harvest was destined for export to take advantage of the strong world prices.  

The present season’s crop – 2012-2013 – is expected to be smaller due to reduced rainfall across most growing regions. This has been especially hard on new and newly transplanted coffee, but crop care remains high. Whatever the outcome, you can still count on the very best of the harvest making it into every bag of Britt.

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