The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

February 2020

Coffee 101: The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

If there’s anything we love more than getting coffee as a present, it’s giving coffee to someone who’s a true aficionado. There’s nothing like the gleam in the eye and excitement in the voice of a person who has received a gift that they truly appreciate.

Café Britt has put together five perfect gifts for gourmet coffee lovers —just what you need for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Café Britt Gourmet Duo

1 bag of Café Britt coffee
+ 1 bag of Café Britt chocolates
(with gift bag)

Can’t decide between Café Britt chocolates and arabica coffee? Why not have both? This classic pairing is the ideal gift for both chocoholics and coffee lovers.

Perk Up Your Day

2 bags of Café Britt coffee
(with Costa Rica gift bag)

Surprise your favorite coffee lover with a two-pack of gourmet Café Britt coffee. Whether they prefer whole bean coffee or ground, it’s the perfect gift for the coffee fan.

Coffee with a Wild Side

3 bags of Hábitat coffee
(with Costa Rica gift bag)

Delight animal lovers and eco-friendly friends with this coffee gift set that supports wildlife conservation. Each coffee supports a different native animal from Costa Rica.

Signature Coffee Duo

1 bag Signature Series San Marcos
+ 1 bag Signature Series Santa María
(with Costa Rica gift bag)

Our newest exclusives will impress the foodies and coffee lovers on your list: two single-origin coffees from Tarrazú, one of the world’s finest coffee regions.

The Morning Coffee Kit

2 bags of Breakfast Blend
+ 1 French press
(with Costa Rica gift bag)

Elegant and easy-to-use, the French press has been a classic for coffee lovers for almost one hundred years. Pair it with a bag of Café Britt Breakfast Blend, and it will be a morning to savor.


Still looking for the perfect present? Feel free to email or call us, and we’ll help you create a combination they’ll love.

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Coffee drink with whipped cream
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