Water & Energy Conservation

Water & Energy Conservation

August 2017

From the start, Café Britt has looked for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and processes and to positively influence the lives of employees and their families in order to ensure a more sustainable planet.

During the production of Café Britt’s coffees, chocolates, and other products, the conservation of water and the rational use of electricity are fundamental pillars which are reinforced every day. The company utilizes water-saving systems, and its processes involve mechanisms for best use.

Wastewater from our production plants is managed by primary water treatment systems, which allow a substantial initial decontamination. We work with water treatment suppliers who guarantee the efficient purification of our waters. Furthermore, the roasting process is constantly monitored to ensure that its emissions and waste don’t produce a negative impact on the environment.

In addition to our waste management systems, we constantly strive to improve our environmental performance. For example, Britt has carried out initiatives in order to optimize the use of electric energy and the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas.

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