Community Development

Community Development

August 2017

La Carpio, located to the north of Costa Rica’s capital city San José, is one of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. With some 30 to 40,000 people living in informal, title-less housing, the area is known for its high indices of crime and the poverty that most of its residents experience.

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation has been working on community development and educational projects in La Carpio since 1997. Some of its most successful projects include the founding of education and day care centers, support for youth sports teams, a medical clinic, and the community’s only working library, as well as the distribution of more than 4,000 beds for the children of La Carpio.

Café Britt is proud to have partnered with the Foundation to promote initiatives that will improve the living conditions and futures of residents of La Carpio. We have joined forces to mentor and encourage a group of entrepreneurial women in the development of a variety of products made with reusable materials, mainly coffee packaging. All these products are sold at Britt Shop stores in Costa Rica.

$2 off

Heritage Blend


Habitat Sloth Calendar


Chocolate Variety Pack 

Dark chocolate covered almond

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almond Brittle Candy

Almond Brittle

Dark chocolate covered orange

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange


Mini Espresso Machine

Dark chocolate covered hazelnut

Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

$2 off
Costa Rican Dark Roast Whole Bean

Costa Rican Dark Roast

$2 off
Costa Rican Tarrazu ground coffee

Costa Rican Tarrazu Montecielo

$2 off

Costa Rican Organic

$2 off

Costa Rican Fair Trade


Peruvian Cajamarca

$2 off
Costa Rican Poas whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Poas Tierra Volcanica

$2 off
Costa Rican Tres Rios whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Tres Rios Valdivia


Colombian Organic Sierra Nevada

Peruvian pachamama whole bean coffee

Peruvian Pachamama Organic

Britt Espresso Classic Capsules Box

Britt Espresso Classic Capsules

Britt Espresso Decaf Capsules Box

Britt Espresso Decaf Capsules

Britt Espresso Intense Capsules Box

Britt Espresso Intense Capsules

Britt Espresso Organic Capsules Box

Britt Espresso Organic Capsules


Britt Espresso Tarrazu Capsules

$2 off

Costa Rican Medium Roast Guanacaste

Dark chocolate covered coffee beans

Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Coffee candy chews

Coffee Candy Chews

Dark chocolate covered macadamia

Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamia

Dark chocolate covered coconut

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut

White chocolate covered lime

White Chocolate Covered Lime

Milk chocolate covered coffee beans

Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Dark chocolate covered cashew

Dark Chocolate Covered Cashew

Dark chocolate covered guava

Dark Chocolate Covered Guava

$2 off

Costa Rican Espresso

White chocolate covered offee beans

White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans


Dark Chocolate Covered Passion Fruit

$2 off

Costa Rican Light Roast

Dark chocolate covered pineapple

Dark Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Peruvian valle sagrado whole bean coffee

Peruvian Valle Sagrado

Britt chocolate creamy coffee filling

Dark Chocolate with Creamy Coffee Filling

$2 off

Costa Rican Decaffeinated


Costa Rican Tarrazu 2 Lb

Britt chocolate creamy fruit filling

Dark Chocolate with Tropical Fruit Fillings

Costa Rican dark roast 2lbs whole bean coffee

Costa Rican Dark Roast 2 Lb

Britt chocolate creamy nuts filling

Dark Chocolate with Creamy Nut Filling

Britt chocolate creamy dulce de leche filling

Dark Chocolate with Creamy Dulce de Leche Filling

Espresso whole bean 2lb

Costa Rican Espresso 2 Lb


Colombian Dark Roast


Costa Rican Decaffeinated 2 Lb

Gourmet mint hot cocoa

Gourmet Mint Hot Cocoa

Colombian Narino ground coffee

Colombian Narino Volcanico

Salted macadamia nuts

Salted Macadamia

Colombian Light Roast whole bean coffee

Colombian Light Roast

Colombian Pitalito Lamboyano ground coffee

Colombian Pitalito Laboyano

Gourmet hot cocoa

Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Macadamia brittle

Macadamia Brittle

Colombian Quimbaya whole bean coffee

Colombian Quimbaya

Unsalted cashew nuts

Unsalted Cashew

Unsalted macadamia nuts

Unsalted Macadamia

Peruvian dark roast ground coffee

Peruvian Dark Roast

Brazil Medium Dark Roast Sul de Minas Whole Bean

Brazil Medium Dark Roast Sul de Minas

2 cup french press

2 Cup French Press

4 cup french press

4 Cup French Press


Wood Chorreador


Jugando con Mariposas Cup Set


Café Britt Insulated Travel Mug


Cafe Britt Cup Set


Costa Rica From Above


The Coffee Cookbook


Cuisine and Traditions


Tierra Viva Costa Rica Volcanoes Book


Costa Rica Pura Vida Book

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