Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

August 2017

As a country, Costa Rica aims to be carbon neutral by 2021, the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain. Café Britt has supported these efforts, receiving its first Carbon Neutral certification in March 2013. It was accompanied by a special recognition from the President, noting Britt as one of the first seven companies to achieve this accreditation.

Café Britt’s Carbon Neutrality strategy has been consistent since 2013. Significant improvements are made every year, with examples such as improving work and production hours, encouraging the intelligent use of air conditioners, and maintaining the performance of fluorescent lamps and solar panels.

These corporate efforts are accompanied by strong teamwork from our employees, who are the ambassadors of Café Britt’s environmental commitment, which includes carbon neutrality. Their important input has included optimizing resources, reducing water and electricity consumption, and increasing recycling programs.

In 2016, we compensated our carbon footprint by acquiring 650 GHG offset emission units for forest protection in the province of Guanacaste, allowing us to maintain our carbon neutrality certification for four consecutive years.

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