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Since the mid 1990’s Britt thought of the International Airport in Costa Rica as a place where the traveler must find our products.Back at that time there were no bids for shops, and the only souvenir shop was government owned and operated. The Company was able to adapt a golf cart and use it as a coffee cart, where customers could buy bags of Britt, and taste our Cappuccino, espresso and drip coffee by the cup.Then in 2001 Britt won the bid to operate gift shops in the Costa Rican Airport. The Britt Shop concept grew beyond the airport and beyond Costa Rica.Britt decided to expand internationally not so much by exporting its products, but primarily by exporting its business model. The Company decided to actively pursue international markets and has invested in Peru (2005), Curacao, Chile (2007), Antigua and Barbuda (2009), Mexico (2010), Dominican Republic (2011), Colombia (2012) Brazil (2013), Ecuador (2014), Uruguay. The Company employs over 1400 people, and Britt expects about US$130 million in revenues during 2015.
Britt Shop is a specialty travel retailer with over 130 stores in 13 countries that owns and manufactures its key brands in premium coffees, chocolates and specialty items, designs most of its products, and integrates its physical and web-channels.

Capabilities based on know-how in product and store creation, execution skills, precise logistics, strong customer service, speed of execution, and an executive team comfortable in an international environment have combined to create a unique travel retailer. The Company has acquired a strong reputation for its creativity and marketing skills.
Britt Shops’ 130 culturally unique stores in thirteen diverse countries are successful for a singular reason - our nearly 1,000 people.

Their ideas and creativity give us the edge. They ensure that our product mix best reflects the identity, beauty, flavor and fun of their home nations.

Our staffers are well trained and highly skilled, but they’re also very nice people. They enjoy meeting shoppers and helping them narrow our vast selection of beautifully hand-crafted gifts and gourmet products to find just the right treasures. They make it their business to ensure that a visit to Britt Shops is a pleasurable and successful shopping experience.’

Their cultural diversity is our biggest asset. The energy they bring to work with them every day is our strength. They are the reason why our customers return to Britt Shops again and again.
The Company has created outstanding retail concepts that celebrate the local culture of its store locations and offer products with a local touch in all of its locations. In order to do this, a multi disciplinary team researches and intensively tours the target country to understand the underlying themes that attract the traveler. These themes are then converted into country-specific stores.

The color of cabinets, fixtures, music, decoration, the people at the stores and their dress uniforms are carefully selected to create an interactive space in harmony with each country and culture.
Unique products for unique shops

Specialty Products: Integral to our ‘Sense of Place’

Opening a store in a new market is like an exciting voyage of discovery for all of us Britt Shop. Our internationally focused development team conducts thorough research to ensure our look and product mix best reflect the identity, beauty, flavor and fun of the country and its people. And that includes unique food products developed by our own experts.

From chocolate-dipped orange bites in Miami to tasty bits of Lúcuma fruit in Perú, our products add value to local specialties and reflect a sense of place as unique as the homelands that produce them.

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