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Welcome coffee lovers, Costa Rica travelers, gourmands and Café Britt fans! Thank you for visiting our new blog.

Café Britt launched over 25 years ago when our founder, Steve Aronson, recognized the ability to create great change in the Costa Rican coffee industry. Prior to 1985, the best coffee beans were exported. Café Britt became one of the first to reserve and roast Costa Rica’s premium coffee beans and better support the local economy and environment through respectful relationships with farmers and sound environmental practices.

Today, we sell coffee not only from Costa Rica but also from Mexico and Peru. We offer additional gourmet specialties such as nuts, chocolates and candies, all with a strong sense of origin and a guarantee of exceptional quality.

Throughout our growth, we have maintained a sharp focus on our core values to satisfy customers and exceed expectations with authentic and innovative goods while respecting all people, partners and the environment.

We enjoy connecting with our customers and Costa Rica visitors through our Coffee Tour, our retail stores and our online store. However, we realized that we have stories to tell and that our customers are eager to learn more about our processes, products, country and culture. So, our Café Britt blog is born!

Please continue to visit our blog and stay tuned for interesting tidbits about Costa Rica, suggestions for tourists, behind the scenes Café Britt sneak peeks, in-depth tasting notes, coffee facts and folklore, and occasional recipes.

If you have questions for us about coffee, our products or Costa Rica, we would love to hear from you. Consider us your personal, Costa Rican coffee concierges!

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About Cafe Britt
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For more than 25 years Café Britt has grown, roasted and shipped the finest gourmet coffees directly from Costa Rica, Mexico & Peru, keeping a strong relationship with our farmers and Fair Trade practices. Our expanded line of the finest coffees and gourmet specialties arrive with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

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