The Art of Coffee Roasting

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Small, green beans rotate inside a large drum. The heat agitates the hard morsels and natural sugars, fats and starches hidden within are emulsified, caramelized and released. Inhale…. the aroma of roasting coffee beans intoxicates all who catch a whiff. 

It is sometimes mistakenly believed that darker roasts are better quality coffees or that coffee connoisseurs only prefer the darker roasted blends. Not so! In actuality, roasts are used to accentuate qualities in the beans or to prepare a bean for a certain type of drink, such as espresso. The true quality of a coffee bean is born within and depends largely on the beans variety as well as the climate, altitude and terrain where it is born. 

Coffee roasting experts are members of an elite club. Very few have the keen ability to use their senses to detect precisely when the beans are properly roasted. Done poorly, roasting can ruin a high quality bean. When executed with perfection, roasting will showcase a gourmet coffee bean’s best qualities. 

Perfect roasting comes down to a matter of seconds. At Café Britt, the roasters check the roasting beans literally every few seconds until they identify the proper color, size, surface texture and smokiness from the beans. The process is stopped; the beans are whisked off for a “cupping,” or professional tasting, to confirm the perfect flavor. 

Immediately, the beans are cooled and vacuum packed. Oxygen, sunlight and moisture are all enemies of a perfectly roasted bean! Our sealed bags are sent directly to our stores or to your door. Next time you cut open a bag of Café Britt coffee, close your eyes and inhale. Begin to note the difference in aromas between light and dark roasts. 

So, what is the difference between light, dark and espresso roast? We will delve more in depth in future posts. Stay tuned, and learn the secrets of our Café Britt roasting experts. 

If you happen to be in Costa Rica, we welcome you to visit our roasting facility during our  Café Britt Coffee Tour.

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