small gourmet tower

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Small Gourmet Tower $ 79.00

  • 4 gourmet coffees, chocolates & nuts.
  • 2 gourmet hot cocoa.
  • 1 small signature gift box.
  • 1 medium signature gift box.

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Add $1 per bag of Organic, Fair Trade or Decaf gourmet coffee

$1 less per bag of Peru Coffee

Small Gourmet Tower

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1. Select 4 gourmet coffees, chocolates & nuts

Costa Rica CoffeeWhole BeanGround

Peru CoffeeWhole BeanGround

Chocolates, Nuts & Sweets

Gourmet Coffee Chocolates

Tropical Fruit Chocolates

2. Select 2 gourmet hot cocoa

Chocolates, Nuts & Sweets

Gourmet Hot Cocoas

3. Select Quantity

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