Weekly Britt: What does single origin coffee really mean?

Costa Rican Single Origin Coffees

Most coffees are a blend of beans from different growing regions around the world. Often, the best beans are mixed with other varieties to reduce the overall expense. Costa Rican coffee beans are highly sought after by many gourmet coffee purveyors. It is rare to find a blend of 100% gourmet Costa Rican beans and it is even more unusual to find single origin coffee from a specific region within our country.

We have four types of single origin coffee: Tarrazú Montecielo, Tres Ríos, Fair Trade and Poás Volcanic Earth. Each one, as explained earlier, the name of each coffee is named after the place that the beans are collected. Let’s present each one of them and their differences concerning region, aroma, taste and roast.

We created a short interactive video about our Tres Ríos single origin coffee for you to enjoy.