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Environmental Commitment

Britt is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. This means that we are proven to have programs and projects in place that make efficient use of natural resources, prevent pollution and reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum. Britt was part of the first group of Companies in Costa Rica that obtained the Carbon neutral certification, this was in 2014.


Recycling programs are in place at all our operations. We properly handle, reuse or reduce the waste we produce. We recycle basic materials, such as paper, plastic, cardboard and tin at home. Programs also include transforming organic waste into organic compost.


Our commitment to saving tinvolves every Britt operation, from stores and production plants to offices. We turn off unneeded lights and equipment, including computers and monitors. We optimize our production plants to save energy.


Water is an indispensable, finite resource. We’re constantly evaluating new ways to use water responsibly, conserve and reduce water pollution.


Grupo Britt is committed to nature. We have programs in place to reforest the company’s coffee farm with new tree species. Our coworkers actively volunteer in tree-planting campaigns in neighboring communities and protected areas.

Carbon neutral

Cafe Britt´s operations in Costa Rica have been certified as carbon neutral by the Government of Costa Rica. This means that the Company measures its carbon dioxide (CO2) emmissions into the atmosphere, and that it has implemented reduction plans to become more efficent and eco-friendly. Furthermore, it means that the amount of emmissions that could not be eliminated, has been compensated using Costa Rican “carbon bonds”. Costa Rica has been a global innovator in the “Payment for environmental services”, a national system dedicated to the conservation of specific public interest lands that have been preserved in the long term. Café Britt contributes to preserve lands in the Guanacaste province through this system. The Company expects that other countries set up similar plans so that its operations in more countries could also obtain the Carbon Neutral status.

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