Weekly Britt: Arouse your senses with Poás coffee even before the cup touches your lips.

Standing on the rim, visitors often smell the sulfur in the air, which at times has proven to be acidic enough for the park to close. It is from this crater that the effects of acid rain can be seen on the vegetation surrounding the landscape. Around the huge main-crater is the beautifully blue-green colored Botos Lake (Laguna Botos) and on the opposite side, the von Frantzius cone.

Deep dive into the hints of earth and lemon of our Poás Volcanic Earth coffee that emanates from the slopes of our active volcano!

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Longer. Better and always fresh. Learn about the benefits of our trilaminated package in the preservation of your coffee.

Metallic Seal: Plastic band with internal metal strips allows an opened bag to be resealed to keep the coffee fresh.

Freshness valve:Café Britt coffees are packed in a bag with our one-way fresh valve design which allows gases that are produced during roasting to escape, but prevents any air or oxygen from entering the bag.

Three-layered Package: Laminated layers of polyester, polyethylene and aluminium keep oxygen, light and moisture out and freshness in.

Thanks to this technology, our coffees have a shelf life of up to 1 FULL YEAR.