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Name: Karla Rodríguez

Puesto: Customer Service representative

What do you like best about your job at Britt?   The atmosphere here at the company and within my work team is very family-like and enjoyable. Interaction with my coworkers, together with the work structure in the office, gives us an advantage. It helps us develop our abilities, be more efficient and become more productive as a group.   Do you think that the variety of products at Britt (chocolates, cookies, etc.) makes it easier to sell? Yes, I do. The variety gives customers more to choose from, both for themselves and as gifts. Our customers love our products. You can tell by their reaction when we’re out of one of their favorites. Some have even told us that their life isn’t the same without it, and that they can’t find anything else as good.   You speak with customers every day. Do any of them remember who you are and ask for you? Our customers are very frequent shoppers. They’ll sometimes ask for a certain representative by name, and we treat them as friends. They share with us their experiences about how they learned about Café Britt on a visit to Costa Rica, how they recommend our products to their family and friends and how they keep buying our products. More than anything, they tell us how they’d love to visit the country again. I was speaking to a customer once by phone. I’d normally helped her husband place his orders. That day, she told me that he had passed away, and it made me feel so sad. We so identify with our customers that we sometimes feel as if we’ve known them all our lives.   Which special offer is the best-selling? Why do you think it’s the customers’ favorite? It depends on the season, but I think the “Perfect Dozen” is our best seller, because of the extra product the customer gets for free. They also really like free shipping. Without a doubt, those are our best-selling offers.   Which is your favorite Britt product and how often do you enjoy it? My favorite products are Tarrazú and Fair Trade coffees for their aroma and intensity of flavor. I drink them every week and, if possible, a couple of times every day. I also like the guayaba cookies, but don’t eat them as often!

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