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Our Britt Shops

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Britt Shop has headed south to wonderful Chile. With an investment of over $4.7 million and the creation of over 110 new jobs, we are thrilled to embrace this nation’s captivating heritage and nature.

Ever admire a shimmering blue gemstone? Come face to face with the brooding figures of Easter Island? Experience the grandeur of the mighty Andes or the irresistible allure of a deserted tropical beach?, Then head south to Britt Shops covering over 8,000 sq. feet (759 m2) at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Diego Aracena Airport in Iquique and El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt, Chile.

Our six stores celebrate this curious and fascinating nation. From its arid Atacama desert in the north to the arctic ice and penguins at its southernmost tip, our staff, décor and products capture it all – and share it with you.

What’s your pleasure? Our stores feature fine figurines made of combarbalita, a native stone. Reproduction monolithic stone figures of Rapa Nui, the native name for Easter Island, are perfect reminders of an unforgettable trip.Take home beautiful Chilean artful crafts in copper or jewelry made of lapislázuli, a breathtaking cobalt blue and green native gemstone. Enjoy an exquisite line of food products, including shellfish captured along Chile’s shoreline. Sample unique crackers, cookies, marzipan, chocolate, coffees and much more.

Like the tiniest gift box with the biggest surprise inside – that’s our Costa Rica. Our Britt Shops here reflect every facet of this surprising country, one of the most biodiverse on earth. Costa Rica covers barely three-hundredths percent of the earth’s surface, yet it contains an amazing 6 percent of the world’s plant and animal species. Costa Rica’s volcanic soils and perfect climate produce one of the world’s finest coffees.

Shoppers can sample all our roasts, together with Britt Brands gourmet dark chocolates, sweets, nuts and Jambo grilling sauces. From the shimmering blue wingbeats of the giant Morpho butterfly to the shy exuberance of a rainforest orchid, our stores capture this colorful journey into Costa Rica’s diverse natural beauty.

Costa Rica is different. It’s home to Latin America’s most enduring democracy. We’ve had no army since 1948. Our country is beautiful, diverse, welcoming and peaceful. Our stores here combine it all in the Costa Rican tradition of pura vida – pure life!

Britt Shop Curacao has three sparkling gift stores at the Hato International Airport on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Opened in mid 2006, these Britt Shops are becoming the talk of the town.

Our staff “parachuted” into this new culture to design, build, stock and staff stores that mirror the curious Caribbean island. The stores are named after three indigenous flowers from the island: Flamboyan, Kayena, and Tuturutu. The sounds tell you something about the culture, don’t they?

Two of the stores are located in the international terminal. The third is accessible to all airport visitors.

Amid the turquoise waters of New Caledonia, Britt Shop has opened a small gift store at the La Tontouta International Airport.

As unique and as its flightless Kagu bird, this grouping of islands rises from the South Pacific some 1,200 km (746 miles) east of Australia with a welcoming presence, an ancient, biologically diverse past and a teeming barrier reef that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nouméa, the capital city of this French territory, is a portal to the islands’ brilliant white-sand beaches, dry and tropical forests, spectacular diving and snorkeling, hiking into the central mountains and world-class wind surfing. Bon jour!

The soaring tenor of the virile mariachi. The tenacity of the tiny chihuahua. A cultural heritage woven of color, flavor, custom and faith. That’s the real Mexico that visitors discover inside Britt Shops at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport.

Our eight shops capture the essence of this proud nation, from its rich and colorful architecture to the pre-Columbian majesty of the pyramid of Chitchen Itza.

Mexico City, itself, is built over the ruins of the great Aztec city of Tenochtitlán, where a bitter liquid chocolate was the beverage of royalty. Our visitors discover modern-day delicacies, including gourmet Mexican coffee and fresh dark chocolates, as well as the work of artisans whose craft dates for generations.

The country’s unique ecosystems provide respite to both the wintering monarch butterfly and the stealthy jaguar. Mexico is larger than life. It envelopes and inspires. Our stores capture its energy and heritage.

Celebrating the energy of life is what merengue, the Dominican Republic's rollicking signature rhythm, is all about and so are Britt Shops eight stores on this beautiful Caribbean island.

The country's rich, native culture and welcoming people come alive in our selection of colorful crafts and artwork, music, clothing and flavors, including our line of fruity and nutty chocolates made with 100% pure Dominican cacao.

Dominicans have many reasons to be joyful. Richly biodiverse, their nation has the sun, sand, tropical vibrancy and picturesque townscapes that make it the Caribbean's top tourist destination. Britt Shop captures this sense of place for an unforgettable and wholly Dominican shopping experience.

From the Andes to the Amazon, Britt Shop captures the heart and soul of this South American jewel for all to share. And what a bounty!

Its beauty takes your breath away. Snow-capped peaks, steamy jungle, vibrant cities and sleepy rural hamlets stretch between Pacific and Caribbean coastlines covering an expanse of territory the size of Spain, France and Portugal combined.

The world’s 26th largest nation, Colombia’s natural, cultural and ethnic diversity overflows like the rollicking accordion of its famous vallenato music. It affords a lifetime of exploration, an intoxicating spirituality and a zesty, topical sizzle.

Britt Shop celebrates every bit of this “ultra diversity.” You’ll find special roasts of the country’s superb, high-mountain coffees, distinctive native fruits bathed in our own dark chocolate, the crafts of skilled artisans and the perfect mementos of an unforgettable visit.

Colombia is resplendent with the energy of its earth and people. Britt Shop is like a window to it all. Bienvenidos!

Winners of the Creativity in Business Prize 2005, our stores are bright and welcoming places where the mighty Andes and steamy jungles resonate in art, woodcraft and hand-painted murals. The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) awarded this prize for our innovative product line that celebrates the image and culture of Peru.

With careful thought and research, we’ve filled our shelves with gourmet Peruvian coffees, arts and crafts, traditional sweets, fruit preserves, the popular Inca Kola, maca nectar and the famous chicha morada, a fermented corn beverage, among others.

Locally themed souvenirs such as magnets, caps, key chains, pins, T-shirts and more allow our customers to take a little of Peru home with them.

Moodie Report 2007 awards Britt Shop Perú as the best destination retail stores worldwide

Shimmering waters and a beach for every day of the week. That’s what islanders say about this two-island nation. Our store at the V.C. Bird International Airport captures the tropical splendor and natural wonder of these jewels of the Atlantic.Sun, sand and diverse nature converge in gifts, crafts and food products that reflect the unique character of the islands.

Colorful coral reefs teem with undersea life and possibly even treasure left behind by pirates lured to this stronghold of Britain’s seafaring past. Antigua’s colonial architecture and picturesque fishing villages are favorites with visitors. Less developed and wilder, Barbuda is a naturalist’s dream. Our store encapsulates the flavor and essence of Antigua/Barbuda. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a visit to paradise.

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Britt Shop creates specialty book-and-magazine stores designed to fulfill the needs of any traveler in any airport anywhere in the world. Our products mix includes both local and international titles.

Britt Shop has developed a "Minimarket" model with just-the-right mix of convenience products, soft drinks, snacks, candy and personal care items. Displays and sales are designed to optimize the customer's shopping ease.

Britt Shop has developed a "Minimarket" model with just-the-right mix of convenience products, soft drinks, snacks, candy and personal care items. Displays and sales are designed to optimize the customer's shopping ease.

Britt Shop's jewelry concept is especially designed to appeal to the most discriminating customers. Pieces are carefully selected and displays optimized for a product line that includes precious stones, local jewelry, silver and gold.

Britt Shop develops specialized theme shops, including golf pro shops, where business goes beyond sales to include superior levels of expertise and product knowledge. With careful attention to detail, we create pleasing sales atmospheres equipped to meet the most exacting demands for quality service and products.

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