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The Snack You Never Knew You Needed

At Café Britt we understand that sometimes you just need to go a little nuts. It’s why we created our line of premium quality nuts that combine earthy flavors with gourmet sweets to create the snack lover’s paradise.

For centuries, nuts have been regarded as one of the earth’s best snacks and combined with all sorts of goodies to make them more appealing. We’ve taken this process to the next level, roasting our nuts to perfection and featuring only the finest ingredients.

Our nuts are selected by hand by skilled growers who search for the perfect size, shape and form to create a satisfying snack.

Once selected, the nuts are roasted in a process specifically designed to enhance the naturally delicate flavors these nuts possess and highlight the textures and taste that make them so unique.

This roasting process results in delicious nuts and also supports environmentally sustainable growing techniques and fair trade.

Not only are these nuts good for your taste buds, they are also good for your body. Macadamia provides a natural energy boost making our Unsalted Macadamia the ideal afternoon snack. Cashews are packed with oleic acid, a healthy fat that is extremely beneficial for your heart.

Our wide selection of nuts and flavors offers taste options for every palate from salty to sweet, crunchy to smooth, and tangy to buttery; we have the perfect snack for you.

We offer plain, unsalted nuts as well as nuts covered in thick, gourmet chocolate. These bite sized treats are the perfect gift option and a great way to show someone you care.

And with the option to buy online, it’s never been easier to indulge. The ease of ordering these snacks online will relieve your stress and make them taste all the more delicious. Online ordering makes it easy to treat yourself or a friend to a snack they’ll never forget, all from the comfort of your own home. You can easily find what you need, read in depth descriptions of each product and order in bulk for great savings.

Nuts are good for your taste buds, good for the environment, and good for your body. What’s not to love?

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