Light Roast Colombian Coffee

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Smooth perfection and a soft, yet intense flavor make our Colombian Light Roast Coffee the ideal choice for a morning cup. Made with 100% Arabica beans from the finest growing regions in Colombia, this brew offers acidity and a subtle aroma of citrus.


Coffee Connoisseur

In Colombia, coffee is a rich, cultural tradition dating back to the 17th century. As much a part of the country’s identity as the people themselves, it is the top crop in agriculture--Colombia’s chief economic activity. Café Britt’s coffee experts work closely with Colombia’s suppliers to provide you with the finest sampling of Colombian coffees while contributing to the sustainability and economic growth of the country.

Our Colombian Light Roast is spawned from Arabica beans of the finest growing regions. They find their home among the beautiful Andes Mountains, surrounded by shady trees and fertile volcanic soil, where the arid climate and high altitude nurture these fickle coffee cherries to maturity.

Wake up with this this full-bodied, well-balanced roast, letting the subtle aroma of citrus linger between each sip. Its soft, yet intense flavor will whisk you away to the tropical, equatorial climate and slower-paced life of the region, sending you into your day with a welcoming frame of mind.

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